Hello, and thanks for stopping by. 

That you are here would indicate you have some interest in affiliate marketing. 

There are almost limitless offers that will claim to change your life, allow you to quit the 9-5 rat race and get rich, but how does one sort through all the rubbish to find the gems? Simple: let others do it for you!

No doubt you have seen dozens of advertisements for products on offer, and you’re a trifle confused about which of them you should sell, to put yourself on the same path as the “laborer with a sixth grade education who made $2,742 in one day”.

Well, good for him. He probably went to the track, had a few too many drinks and fluked a big win on a multiple. But will he do it again tomorrow? Or the next day?

If you read the ABOUT ME page on this site, you will know that I believe there are certain pre-requisites for building and maintaining a decent online affiliate business.

This website is all about how to learn and then earn.

Learning and then earning. Earning a little at first, and then more. And more again. And for a long time.

None of us wants to waste our time, energy, and money on things that don’t work.

Enjoy your stay. Come back often!