About me

Hello and welcome to NetAffiliatED.com

My name is Mike and I have built this site in order to guide readers through the process of starting and maintaining an online business – and help them avoid some of the perils.

I became interested in making a dollar online in 2008. The Global Financial Crisis had hit hard, forcing businesses to close and putting people out of work. Even then, online businesses were beginning to sprout, and it seemed there were opportunities everywhere.

Since then, the scale of business conducted online has exploded. There are still plenty of opportunities, but there is also a lot of competition.

With no experience of making money on the internet, I first dabbled in sports arbitrage and collected a few early returns before being cleaned out by the unscrupulous operators of that business.  After that experience, I felt as if I was walking around with SCAMMED tattooed on my forehead.

But it didn’t deter me. I was earning income from a full-time job and dabbling in a scheme here and there. I bought a few “can’t miss” programs, and convinced myself I was “smarter than the average bear”.

In the process, I learned, the hard way, two things I should have known all along.

Lesson 1: Selling on the internet is a job

I had bought a whole bunch of products – some good, some ok and some poor. Few of them really floated my boat or lived up to the pre-sale hype. Bottom line _ the results were disappointing

So I went back to square one and asked myself some questions.

Had I secured highly paid jobs without any qualifications or pre-requisites?

Er, no!

What has made me successful in the 9-5 world?

Probably the same things as everybody else:

  1. Ability
  2. Perseverance and drive
  3. Experience gained from previous roles
  4. Support from others
  5. Education in the relevant area

Do I have these ingredients for success to launch a second career as an Internet Entrepreneur?

Well, let’s see:

  1. My self-confidence was never entirely rattled (though it was tested), so I checked off Ability, and
  2. Perseverance and drive
  3. My work experience had been solid, but some of the skills I had acquired weren’t a perfect match with what was needed to pass muster online.
  4. Support from others? Hmm, it can get pretty lonely trying to build something when those around you don’t understand it, and have no patience for the time you spend on such an endeavour.
  5. Education? Well, yes plenty, but considering the hard thinking I had to do about taking the first step, and then the lost sleep working out step 2, and beyond, I had to admit that my education in terms of online market was sadly lacking.

Which brought me to

Lesson 2: If you want to earn, you have to learn

You probably know that already. But then again, there are schools and there are schools. You owe it yourself to learn from the very best.

So I looked around and discovered that perhaps my best shot at receiving Education and Support, and developing the right skills was Wealthy Affiliate. Actually, I rediscovered it. I had signed up for a FREE membership months and months before and had never followed it through. I soon came to regret that wasted time.

Anyway, onwards and upwards.

Wealthy Affiliate has been showing the way for over a decade, pointing people like me in the right direction. Some might call it a roadmap, but it’s more like a Sat-Nav.

Begin with the FREE membership, poke around, get comfortable, and understand the wealth (sorry about the pun!) of knowledge and help that is readily available to you.

Don’t waste another dime on another product until you have given Wealthy Affiliate a decent check-over.

I did, and I wasn’t sorry.

But don’t take my word for it. Click here to discover more about Wealthy Affiliate.

I am a member and you can find my Wealthy Affiliate profile here.

All the best

Your friend,