Don’t make excuses. Don’t ever give up.

Don’t make excuses. Don’t ever give up.

When you stay the course and do the right things, eventually things tend to turn around for the better.
In Super Bowl LI, we saw, yet again, the power of perseverance. And Tom Brady is Super Bowl MVP again.

No-one has ever questioned the quarterbacking ability of New England Patriot Tom Brady. He’s been touted as one of the finest in NFL history.

But adversity strikes the best of us, and old #12 was up against it, as his team trailed 28-3 against the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI.

Despite a poor first half, Brady kept at it, and made things happen and, after the game, no doubt he was smoothing the callouses off a finger (or a thumb!) to put on Super Bowl ring number five!

And, to put the icing on the cake, Tom Brady is Super Bowl MVP again.

It was a stunning turnaround, leading to an unlikely victory, but Brady certainly didn’t pull it off on his own. His teammates were just as committed to fighting back and, as all good team members should, they followed the plan laid out for them by Bill Belichick and his coaching staff.

Regardless of the context, when adversity strikes, it’s always advisable to return to those things that have made you successful in the past. Every one of those Super Bowl heroes has rehearsed for years – following a system, learning the plays, and maximizing their potential.

It’s the same in business. But finding that initial success takes time. First, you learn the ropes. Then come crawling, baby steps, walking, and running. Only then can you leap into it, feeling confident that the foundation is solid.

Here’s an infographic about overcoming adversity

It’s a bit like the experience you might have with Wealthy Affiliate. You follow the steps, learn the lessons, implement the strategies, and turn your passion into profit. And when you hit a bump in the road, you’ll know what to do.

Just like Tom Brady.

What do you think? Is Brady now the best of all time? Please leave your comments.

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