How to Start Affiliate Marketing 5

How to Start Affiliate Marketing 5

Thanks for coming back. In previous posts in this How to Start Affiliate Marketing series, we have explored some of the preparation necessary to begin the journey.

how to start affiliate marketing

I hate that word “journey”, as some people use it to describe their trip to the store or the beach, or quite often to illustrate their one day bout of the flu. Yikes!

However, learning this affiliate marketing caper is a bit of a journey. Success won’t happen quickly, but by following the right steps, you will be successful.

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Today we are going to look at your options for domain names, as well as hosting and building a website.

Ordinarily, we would tackle these one by one, but first I want to explore the bigger picture and explore all three at once.

We seem to have settled on hamsters as our example niche. It is probably not your ideal topic, but whatever you have chosen is your business. Now you want to make it the business of others!


There are a lot of places where you can buy a domain name and while your choice of domain name is important, where you buy it won’t really matter in terms of cost.

But remember these:

  • Ideally, your domain name should be easy to remember, one that will help in branding your new business. Think about your logo when considering possible names.
  • Your domain name should reflect what your site is going to be about.
  • Some domain names on your list of those on your list will probably be in use already, so be a bit patient.
  • The .com extension is better than .org or .net unless you are ABSOLUTELY set on a particular name that is in use elsewhere.

You can search for domain availabilities on


While you are mulling over your choices, you will need to think about the platform on which you will build your site.

We are spoiled for choice these days. Years ago, we needed to learn code and use pricey software to put something together, but that has all changed.

You might have heard of Squarespace, Wix, Weebly , Cargo, Joomla and Drupal.

If you have, you will most certainly know also of WordPress.

This site is built on the WordPress platform. So are nearly one quarter of websites worldwide.

WordPress is the most versatile platform around. You can use it to build all sorts of sites, including blogs, online stores and extensive and complicated business pages.

WordPress has thousands of templates and plug-ins available. some are free, some come at a premium and others are known as FREEmium – with the basic versions at no charge and upgrades at a price.

In addition, because so many have adopted WordPress as their platform of choice, there is no shortage of opinion and advice about problems that might occur.

It is for all those reasons that we prefer WordPress (and we have used others over a decade and a half) and we believe it is the choice for you.


The third and final element to the equation is the hosting. Once again, there are plenty of web hosting companies out there, all looking for your business. Choosing between them can be quite a task, as all offer different bells and whistles, some of which are valuable and others that you will never use.


What if there were one place where you could register a domain, get the hosting and a WordPress upload done for you?

And what if the offer included :

  • keyword research tools;
  • live video classes;
  • training to teach you how to make money with your site;
  • authoring and content tools;
  • web development classrooms ; and
  • much, much more.

And what if all of those came FREE?

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can begin your journey FREE and see where it takes you.

You should click on this link to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate. It is a goldmine and it gives you the right shovels with which to dig !

how to start affiliate marketing

That’s our say. What do you think of our series How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

Please leave your comments or questions below.

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