New Video Effects Software is a Winner

New Video Effects Software is a Winner

If you make videos to promote and market your products or services, you will be very interested in ClipDramatizer – a new video effects software that will make your movies sing.

video effects software - FlickDramatizer

REVIEW: ClipDramatizer (aka FlickDramatizer)

Until now, video dramatization has been a difficult task, requiring lots of time and technical production expertise. The only option for most of us has been to outsource it to the experts – at considerable cost.

Not anymore!

ClipDramatizer lets you add any number of special effects in just three clicks, ensuring your video will make viewers sit up and take notice of your presentation.

ClipDramatizer was created by professional developers under the supervision of expert videographers, and the result is incredible.

It delivers fascinating, eye-catching videos that are perfect for viral distribution – to build reputation and to send your video ad performance skyrocketing.


You get 270 alluring animated and static effects, each with dynamic in-and-out focus.

There’s a range of intense effects, subtle effects, and video filters, to help you produce amazing videos people will want to watch and share.

With FlickDramatizer you also have the capacity to import unlimited custom video overlays.


Who will it suit? Everyone – from video newbies to professionals

Is there a money back guarantee? Yes. Use it for 30 days, and if you don’t love it, ask for a refund.

Cloud-based or download? FlickDramatizer is a download that will work on both Mac and PC (requires Windows 7 or later) with 4GB+ RAM. 


The upsells add even more value to the base ClipDramatizer offering. Although they increase your costs, they will certainly help you build your business. Worth the extra, if you are a professional or hoping to become one,.

OTO 1: The Flick Overlay Club will get you 100 full-featured, visually striking, animated transparent overlays, delivered as video source.

OTO 2: The Enterprise package allows you to use ClipDramatizer-produced videos on clients’ websites, sell the videos for profit, and use them to run Facebook ads for your clients.

OTO 3: Revolutionary new software, GraphPlayer, allows you to play both video cinemagraphs and regular videos on your own website. You can automatically play GIF cinemagraphs and vertical videos when the page is viewed on a mobile, play Facebook videos directly on your website, and much more.


None that I can see. A few people reported some initial problems, but they were temporary, and possibly attributable to the users’ computers.


This is another winner from Andrew Darius, who really understands video production.  Andrew continues to be one of the best online marketers, and continues to come up with new video effects software that add value.


Merchant Name: Andrew Darius (Check out his Explaindio 3 here and his Vinci 3D here)

Category: Video Editing

Price: From $67

Website: FlickDramatizer

Overall Ranking: A

Resource: Here are some tips about getting your video ranked


If you want to use video for online marketing, we can heartily recommend FlickDramatizer as a new addition to your video marketing toolbox. It will certainly earn its keep.

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  1. Hey,

    Thanks for this review i was actually looking for similar product review before making any decision.

    This helps a lot and i will give it a try to see how things pen out.

    My question is have you seen anyone who used it and what was the result like?


    • It has received some great reviews, but with video, I think the evidence is in the quality of the finished product. Does it improve the look of a video? I’d say a big yes and it allows even newbies to easily add some bells and whistles to their work at a reasonable price.

  2. Interesting review. Since I made a few videos I have to ask you. Is this software better than Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects?

    • Adobe Photoshop is quite a different program and is perhaps still the benchmark of photo editors. After Effects is a powerful program for video but is expensive and requires a lot of fiddling.

  3. After watching the video demonstration, WOW! I am impressed. This might be the video effects software I have been dreaming about to help take my promotions over the top. Have you heard anything about the companies support for their products? I have run into problems before and always try to make sure a product offers good customer support before purchasing.

    • As I mentioned in my review, Andrew Darius is a very good operator and always responds to problems quickly. However, his products, from my experience, only very rarely have issues.

  4. This thing looks pretty cool! I personally have an Adobe account and have Photoshop and After affects but they are quite difficult to figure out, and up until recently it didn’t matter because I mostly just used Lightroom. But this looks like something I may try instead. Does it require a super fast computer or does it possibly slow down a computer even more? My computer is already slow which is another fat reason why I don’t use other Adobe programs. Since I would use this for videos, I would need something that can work fast.
    Thanks for the awesome post by the way!

    • Adriana, thanks for your question. It is one of the drawbacks of some of these programs. They are powerful, but suck up plenty of juice too. I have found the design angle quick enough, though saving in 4k can take a while.

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