Webmasters seem divided as to whether it’s a good idea to enable comments on pages and posts. I’ve heard quite a few say that it just creates the need to spend more time on site maintenance.

Hmm… I wonder if they might be missing the point entirely. Why have a website if you don’t intend to spend time on it?

Besides, isn’t the whole point of posting a message, a sales pitch, or an advertisement to engage with your readers? You might have stats on visitor numbers to your site, but without their comments, how can you know what they are thinking?

There are many reasons why you should enable comments. And welcome them.

Comments can:

  • Provide useful information. They let you know what your readers and potential customers think and feel. And readers can see a range of queries, answers, and comments, and are therefore better informed about you and the products you offer.
  • Build trust. When you allow comments, and reply to them, you establish rapport and trust between you and your readers. More trust leads to more visits and, ultimately, more conversions.
  • Lift rankings. Search engines find and list more active sites.

A final point about comments…

In some cases, they could provide a subtle hint that you should lift your game.

I’ve seen web posts and pages where the comments were more informative and revealing than the original text. If that applies to your post, it might be time to revise it.

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What do you think? Feel free to leave your comments below.