Are you tired of paying monthly fees to autoresponders?

Maybe you can’t do without them, but why should you pay big monthly for them to utilise YOUR list? And pay a little more when you build it further?

It’s time YOU took charge of YOUR list.

Ace software creator Josh Zamora has re-released his impressive Sendiio autoresponder this week. 

And this is no ordinary autoresponder.

Sendiio 2.0 is the first and only Autoresponder that combines the power of Email, Text and FB Messenger under ONE central dashboard – with ZERO Monthly Fees!

And with the massive improvements made since the initial release, Sendiio 2.0 will again be a real winner, delivering you new benefits and saving you hundreds of dollars a year.

Josh has listened to hundreds of Sendiio users to ensure that the reworked new 2020 version of his ground-breaking software hits the mark.


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The new Sendiio offers many key features that users will find extremely valuable, as well as intuitive.

Tagging Automation:  Tag ANY and all your subscribers at MULTIPLE points of profit once they join your list, from sign-up onwards.

New Agency-Grouping Feature: create unique groups for each of your clients, so you can profitably and safely create campaigns for them, while keeping all of their contacts and campaigns separately! 

Improved Stats: A COMPLETELY overhauled stats reporting page to allow you to make better decisions with your campaigns and adjust for profitability.

2-Way Text Messaging: This powerful feature allows you to instantly receive the REPLIES from your SMS campaigns directly into your Sendiio account. 

SMS Text Bot-Replies: create automatic bot replies to ANYONE that replies to your text messages.

Auto-Link Swapper Feature: Instantly fix a broken/wrong link or simply redirect the traffic to a BETTER converting page to increase your profit! Genius, right? Yeah, you know it.

Simple Importing from ANY File Type: import your list from just about ANY autoresponder and bring it DIRECTLY into Sendiio and import it within SECONDS!

Double Optin + Custom Confirmation Emails: Not only has a double-optin been added, plus an option to fully-customize confirmation emails

New WYSIWYG Editor: TOTALLY revamped WYSIWYG email copy editor to allow BEAUTIFUL emails.

Powerful New Integrations: API integrations with Convertri, KickPages, MailEngageX, FX Funnels, EverZippy, DocStudio, SociSend, Genius Lander and many more to come!


As with most online products, there are upsells. Josh has lined up a range of them that will fit together seamlessly to provide the best Sendiio experience.

OTO 1: Academy – ten proven, free traffic and list building strategies that will allow you to get your first 1,000 subscribers in 14 days or less.

OTO 2: Elite – start using Sendiio right away by utilising the program’s seasoned IP address and SMTP servers? 

OTO 3: Virtual Assistant – Add unlimited virtual assistants to your account as you’d like!

OTO 4: Booster – Sends out another email to those people who did NOT open your initial email.

OTO 5: Ramp – More than 1750 pre-written emails in 9 different niches that you can Copy/Paste into Sendiio and profit immediately!


We’ve had a good look underneath the bonnet and the engine is well and truly purring.

Josh has been working on this release for a full twelve months, and users of last year’s initial release will attest that he’s listened to their suggestions.

At NetAffiliated, we put great stock in products from reliable creators. Josh Zamora has earned his stripes and doesn’t cut corners. Good becomes better, becomes best.

The new, revised Sendiio is better than the original, which was a brilliant bit of kit. You won’t be disappointed.


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