SociJam 2.0 goes live on Wednesday 8 April 2020. (at 0900 US EST)

SociJam is a cloud-based app from the highly-reputable Cindy Donovan that allows you to place formatted text (plus emoji’s) into Facebook Posts and Ads. 

SociJam enables use of Bolding, italics, underlines and strikethroughs (plus emojis) ? in your posts/ads so they stand out and give you increased engagement.  

With available upgrades, you can also apply this text formatting and more across 22 other social media platforms including YoutubeTwitterTik Tok!

There is also a brand new ???? keyword detector available!

Socijam has been completely revamped and much improved from its first incarnation two years ago.

We believe it’s a worth a look, particularly if you market products or services via social media.

Get in early for the lowest price and our super bonuses HERE.