Tighter Writer

Tighter Writer

I’ve blogged, written speeches, published e-books and a lot more, and while I usually work alone, there are times when I realise I need help. Happily, I found someone who provides excellent editing and proofreading services – Tighter Writer 

I see lots of language errors in posts written by people who are trying to sell something. I can understand that not everyone has perfect command of the language, but I find it a bit off-putting when words are spelt in two different ways, or when proper names are capitalized in some instances but not in others. And then there’s the grammar!

Maybe I am fussy, but I wouldn’t buy anything from these gurus (with their million dollar products and their professional voice-over talent) when they can’t be bothered to proofread their own work. I can’t believe they won’t engage decent editors and proofreaders.

Most people would say that my writing skills are good enough to get me by. But now that my online output is increasing, I have started to rely even more on Tighter Writer to give my work the once-over. 

I recently sent Tighter Writer two e-books to be expanded and adapted for two different audiences. The text was edited, and both were carefully polished, ready to be published. The cost was very reasonable, considering the time I saved. 

Janette, the owner, is happy to do anything  – from a 500-word proofread to a major editing task. No topic is too tough, no job too large or small.

(Word of warning: if it is a big job you require, allow some time. Tighter Writer tends to be very busy – understandably, given the quality of her work)

If you mention that Mike from NetAffilatEd.com sent you, I’m sure Janette will offer you a discount. She accepts PayPal, (and offers an even bigger discount for quick payment), so it’s possible to do the whole deal very quickly, efficiently and inexpensively – and via email.

Give her a try if you are stuck. Or if you want better web posts and pages.

Merchant Name: Tighter Writer

Category: Editing Proofreading Services

Price: Varies with job

Owner: Janette Parr

Website: tighterwriter.com

Overall Ranking: A+


  1. Hi Mike,
    This is an interesting review. I’ve not heard of Tighter Writer before but it is good to have some inside information of her service.
    I agree with you about spelling and grammar mistakes in writing. There are times I want to get a red pen and correct the mistakes!!

    • Thanks Jackie.

  2. Wow! Fantastic site and very useful! You did an amazing job! 🙂

    • Thank-you Sarahlee. It is important that people seeking an avenue to earning income online find the right avenue. With Wealthy Affiliate, the opportunity is there for the full FREE test drive, so it’s a tremendous way to find out if the caper is for you.

  3. Hey Mike,
    I just started to get into the writing industry and I’m loving it every day! Its actually a great way to express yourself when you write, it feels like i’m on my own zone even though I write for work.

    After a week of continuous writing, I feel like I can write up to 5k words a day regularly so I applied that skill to do freelance writing part time. I write fast but only after finished writing do I make it a habit to proof read and it usually takes so long up to half an hour to read everything.

    I might take up Tighter Writer’s proofreading, its very timely too! Do you personally do the proofreading yourself though?

    • Hi Riaz

      Yes, I do proofing and editing too, but I don’t perform these tasks on my own work if the piece is long. I sometimes tend to see what I want to see on the page, not what is actually there. Sometimes it is better to let others have a look. Cheers.

  4. This Tighter Writer company sounds excellent.
    I must admit, my writing would be terrible without the spellchecker on constant as I write my articles.

    I always proof read my blog posts time and time again and it’s surprising how many mistakes I find going through the text for the second time.

    Janette sounds like a talented lady with her “no topic is too tough” attitude.

    Sounds like an excellent company to get to know and proof read your e-books before publishing.

    Thanks for your review and her contact information,

    • Thanks Simon.

      It’s not just the spelling and grammar. She is a better writer, and also re-orders work to improve the flow.

  5. This is a great review for us because we are trying to set up an ebook and despite there being two of us, we still miss typos and spelling mistakes, not to mention those grammatical errors.
    I wonder if tighter writer proofreads for different countries? For example, I would spell some words differently in the UK than in the US like color and colour, aluminum and aluminium. We would like our ebook to be in the english language rather than US. Ches

    • Hi ches

      Tighter Writer works in both British and US English and she tells me she has had clients in the UK, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand. Janette has also edited English documents for clients in eastern and western Europe and Asia.

      Good luck with your e-book.

  6. Hello Mike,

    Very interesting article! I’ve recently started blogging and it takes an additional 10 minutes each time to proof-read my articles before publishing.

    Like you said, working alone is okay, but sometimes it helps tremendously when you have someone or something to assist you.

    I’ve never heard of tighter writer before, but I will most definitely check it out to make my life a little easier.


    • Thanks Eric. What’s the proverb? Marry in haste and repent at leisure? It’s a bit like that. Well, a little bit, a very little bit.

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