VIDTOON was released on Monday 20 April 2020. 

VIDTOON is a brand new drag-and-drop video creator  from the highly-reputable and innovative software    genius Cindy Donovan (see right).  

With VIDTOON you can create animated videos easily, making your business (and life) a lot easier! 

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VIDTOON is as simple as:

1.  Drag  and place  your assets on the screen
2.  Make some simple edits
3.  Export your video quickly

Here’s a quick look.


* 25 characters each with 30 eye-popping character animations

* A to B automation object movement

* The ability to flip any object’s orientation

* 34 HD backgrounds 

* 200 music tracks

* 200+ sales graphics

* Intro and Outro transitions

* Microsoft and Google text to speech options

* And tons more!  


* Digital Marketers

* Affiliates

* Ecommerce


* Social Media

* YouTube Channels

* Local Consultants

* Bloggers


Unlike many of the online marketers out there, Cindy Donovan understands the gaps in the market and knows what goes into producing a good product.

Video products are intend to make presentations more attractive, but they can be expensive and time-consuming. VIDTOON is an affordable solution.


We recommend the Commercial License, which offers a lot more than the Personal License for just a few pennies extra. When you buy VIDTOON, you will be offered various other offers to enhance the product. Cindy has thought these through carefully, and each one of them can be a valuable addition to the initial program. 

*Commercial License.

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